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How Do SMEs “Effectively” Carry Out The Mobile Learning Platform


It is more cost-effective for SMEs to purchase e-Learning mobile learning platforms on off-the-shelf or professional websites. In general, the mobile learning platform approach can be implemented through the following four effective channels.

mobile learning platform

1. For common basic skills courses and some general courses, SMEs do not have to build their own mobile learning platform system and can consider relying on the services provided by integrated service providers. This method is very mature abroad, and employees can directly learn online courses offered by service providers.

2. Now some industry associations offer some training programs and establish a targeted mobile learning platform system in their own industry. These courses are highly targeted, semi-welfare, and cheaper. They can be e-Learning courses offered by industry associations for SMEs in the industry.

3. For the unique personalized training content within the enterprise, such as corporate behavior culture and unique enterprise operation process, SMEs can use the ASP mode provided by the service provider to rent platform services, which can greatly reduce the cost, and the course can be developed on their own or outsourced.

4. Gradually perfected from the most important functional groups. The basic groups of the relatively complete mobile learning platform system, which is now generally accepted, includes training requirement confirmation groups, training program groups, personalized training groups, online training and learning groups, communication groups, online test groups, and statistics and overall assessment groups. SMEs can choose to apply to their own groups according to their actual situation, and gradually develop and improve. It is worth noting that some e-Learning system functional groups have some manifestations on HR, OA, and other systems. It can be improved on the basis of this.

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