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Change The Role Of E-Learning Supplier


Rational customers will keep an eye on the practical value brought by e-Learning. To some extent, but they are not certain about their needs, and a supplier is required to be capable of comprehending heir specific demand.

A pre-sale consultant experienced in training or consultation plays an important role. At the same time, supplier should understand the actual needs of customers, interact with them more friendly and efficiently through the Internet; he defines the challenge and pressure that customers face to fast and accurately by means of designing relevant forms and ASQ. For example, when customers are eager to improve the leadership of middle and senior manager, online learning is not a good choice. It is possible to meet parts of requirements on Harvard Online or Middle Europe Online, but they are just taken as complement for mixed learning.

If customers encounter the pressure of lowering the training cost, they can take advantage of e-Learning to deal with those are intellectual, standardized and repetitive. In such a project, customized courseware that is vivid and interesting are the keys of success. When customers are faced with constructing a system for talented development, consultant service is of necessity. Frankly, information-based system is worthwhile to reduce the cost and increase the rate; however, on account of the most urgent unresolved problem for enterprise, the supplier needs to stick to some business ethic and morality, and even pay more attention to the health of entire industrial ecological environment. They can simply analyze from promoting products and courses but customer service and problem solving.

From some perspectives, the suppliers identify themselves as service providers not software companies or course companies whose service aims at tackling the customers’ problem but not products sale. If necessary, the suppliers should keep an open mind to integration of proper industrial resources, so as to offer a more practical solution for customers. Only in this way can customers be able to acquire the actual value and the industry can develop healthily.

During" Chinese Enterprise Director Training Forum" which was held by China Training this year, a guest discussed the practical application of e-Learning and concluded that we should not expect what e-Learning could not solve by themselves. He also expressed that this could indicate the practitioner were helpless and self-mockery more or less, which was also a real reaction.

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