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The Essential Characteristics of Cloud Mobile Learning


Due to the high cost of content development inherent in learning apps, mobile learning applications, as an extension of traditional application models, rely on the content quality and services of the enterprise itself. The long standby time of mobile devices is unmatched by PCs, so if this feature is fully utilized in the product, the superior characteristics of mobile learning will be brought into play.

cloud mobile learning

The essential characteristics of cloud mobile learning

The essential characteristics of cloud mobile learning, we believe that it has the following features:

(1)High portability

The primary feature of mobile learning is digital media with high portability, which is one of the essential features of mobile learning that make it different from other learning types. Although traditional book-based learning is also highly portable, it does not have the characteristics of digital media, so it isn't cloud mobile learning.

(2)High availability

High availability refers to the fact that mobile learning can be used anytime, anywhere, which is one of the essential features that distinguish it from traditional PCs.

(3) Miniaturization

Cloud mobile learning is by no means a simple migration of online learning platforms and courses but is more in line with the needs of learning under the mobile state, such as miniaturization. Miniaturization means that the time of study is shorter than in the past, and the transfer of knowledge is more effective, so as to attract users to participate and make cloud mobile learning maintain good effects.

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