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Characteristics of Online Mobile Learning Resources

Online mobile learning is a new form of learning which uses wireless mobile communication network technology and wireless mobile communication equipment to obtain educational information, educational resources and educational services. As a new way of learning, mobile learning has completely liberated people from the restriction of learning time and space, greatly improving the learning efficiency. Due to the mobility and decentralization of mobile terminal devices, adult mobile learning is more flexible than traditional learning and network learning. Therefore, adult mobile learning resources have many unique characteristics compared with traditional learning resources. The biggest difference lies in the different content terminals and content structures, which are embodied in the following aspects:

1. Mobility of bearer content terminal mobility
Online mobile learning is a learning method, which combines wireless mobile network technology, communication technology, multimedia technology, intelligent interaction technology, software technology and so on. This technology makes learners no longer confined to the traditional learning environment, broadens the scope of learning, so that we can learn anytime and anywhere. With the use of wireless mobile learning terminals, learners are no longer subject to traditional teaching fixed places and wired network fixed access points and other external conditions. Learners can learn freely, regardless of time and places, different purposes and different contents, can greatly meet the purpose that take use of any leisure time for learning.

2. Convenience of load content terminal access
With the development of 4G technology and the increase of mobile terminal access speed, online mobile learning access based on mobile devices such as mobile phones is becoming more and more convenient. With the improvement of mobile network bandwidth and the expansion of communication network coverage, mobile devices can be easily accessed to mobile networks anytime and anywhere, which brings unlimited possibilities for the development of mobile learning. Adult learners who use mobile terminal devices to learn can access mobile network at any time in the office, bus, subway station, home, and easily obtain the learning resources they need.

3. Conciseness of content structure
Online mobile learning is a process in which adult learners learn by means of mobile terminal devices such as PDA and mobile phone. Because most mobile devices have small screens, low resolution and inconvenient input, the presentation of mobile learning resources is often subject to various constraints. Comparing with network learning resources, mobile learning resources have less elements such as animation and video.  Learners need to choose the appropriate number of various types of resources to make a reasonable collocation, so that its presentation form can be more concise, with more general text and pictures as the main, supplemented by necessary animation and video resources to supplement the description. Therefore, the various aspects of mobile learning resources settings, such as navigation settings, interactive design, etc. are relatively clear, intuitive, and simple for adult mobile learners to operate. It is not complicated, but easy to start.

4. The content has the characteristics of meta-knowledge
As the adult mobile learning environment changes greatly, each learning can only be carried out in a short period of time, it is unable to achieve continuous, uninterrupted learning. This fragmented learning characteristics determine the content design of mobile learning resources should be short, compact, suitable for fragmented time and also should be continuous. Learning content is composed of independent modules, and each module is composed of several meta-knowledge points, each meta-knowledge point is relatively complete, generally non-separable. So learners can learn obtain the knowledge at any time and any places.

There are essential differences between mobile learning and fixed learning. Mobile learning is a non-fixed state of learning form, highly distracted, small capacity learning of fragmentary knowledge, its learning mobility, learning environment complexity, learning time fragmentation and other characteristics, all require short and simple learning content. At the same time, in the process of mobile learning, the small scale of learning materials is conducive to simplify the learning process and improve learning efficiency.

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