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Cloudbase Mobile Learning Knowledge That Enterprise Training Managers Should Have


Enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application development has gone through four major stages: online learning, learning management, training management and knowledge management. The characteristics, status, problems, opportunities and other developments of the four stages of enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application development will be the issues to be discussed. In each of these four progressive stages, there is superposition and integration, and the development of the next stage contains and inherits the content of the previous stage.

Cloudbase mobile learning

The first stage: online learning

The first stage of enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning development is online learning. The main resource is online courses, which presents a mode of learning E-Course anytime, anywhere. Corporate students are no longer limited by time and place, and their freedom and flexibility increase, making learning easier and smoother. The company mainly obtains the source of E-Learning course through purchase and development, while the majority of enterprises have less than 500 courses online. These classes include three screen videos, flash, PPT handouts, texts, electronic magazines and game interaction classes. Among them, the three screen has the highest ratio.

From the content of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning course, it is mainly divided into general and professional courses. General online courses include management skills, leadership, IT skills, English education, personal qualities and other types of courses; professional online courses include courses in the field of expertise. The former has a slightly higher ratio than the latter. At present, there are many classifications of general courses in the market, and the production standards are different. For example, there are more than ten major categories of products in Shanghai Huijing Asset Management Co.,Ltd, including self management, work management, team building and management, strategic management, human resource management, sales and market, customer service, lean production, upgrading of office skills, personal skills promotion, supply chain and investment and financial management. And according to the staff of different grades, the corresponding course package is introduced to improve the knowledge and skill level of the enterprise personnel, and it is convenient for the relevant procurement leaders to make a choice.

The above is the analysis of the status and characteristics of the online course resources of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning, the main target of this stage is small business. With the increase of enterprise scale and demand, online learning is insufficient in the aspects of learning effect, supervision, interaction and interaction. For example, the company arranges courses for the students, but the effects of learning and are often impossible to master, which promotes the need for enterprises to learn and manage in the training of employees. In turn, the company's Cloudbase mobile learning application is promoted to the second stage, making learning management more effective and proactive.

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