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The Way To Create Sustainable E Learning Mobile Learning


The questions of solving out major problems e learning mobile learning in  and integrating with the existing industrial technique studying have transpired as the key of mastering e learning mobile learning.

The balance between top to bottom and bottom to top, professional and unprofessional

Where does the content come from? The biggest issue in mobile-learning is how to ensure the quality, sustainability, self-sufficiency and self-evolving of the mini-course?

At the beginning stage of e learning mobile learning, the top to bottom professional manufacturing method would be featured. Course content comes from several channels below, firstly, converting existing courses; Transforming the existing system into 3-5 minute courses as per required by mobile-learning, including offline and Elearning course, in the forms of anime, video, picture, games and so forth. The standard is to categorize each course into different column, such as informative, institutional, processing.

Second, case study. A case study studio shall be organized by the training department. The department shall also be responsible for gathering professionals and training experts and have the cases uploaded to the platform.
Third, senior management and role-model courses. Courses will be developed and taught by the heads of every institution for middle management. Set up role-models among outstanding responsible persons in affiliated agencies. And they will be obligated to develop and promote their proven approaches in the form of mini-course.

When the mobile platform has a substantial amount of high quality content, a public campaign shall be carried out, from bottom to top, having para-professionals developing mini-course.

Fragment systemization

Due to the limitation of cell phone and user scenario, the principle of fragmentation must be applied to e learning mobile learning. A systematic fragmentation is the solution which means to break down knowledge systems into pieces. Learners could therefore not only search answers directly, but also understand the process of getting to the answer.

Mobile-learning and mixed-learning

A considerable amount of companies has spent years in researching mixed-learning. Such as the traditional mixing of offline learning and e-learning; Active learning mixing with traditional class and the application of flipped classroom. But will the emerging of e learning mobile learning, it activates and vitalizes the method of mixed-learning. The convenience, accessibility and utilizing fragmented time allows mobile-learning to be an ideal supplement for traditional classroom.

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