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Definition and Meaning of Online and Blended Learning

"Open the book and read the first chapter." You must hear this sentence many times. Now, this sentence can be replaced by another sentence, that is, "click on the link and follow the instructions on the laptop." What the first case represents is the classical learning method, and the second case represents the modern learning method. Blended learning is a mixture of classical and modern learning methods. The employee are learning with their computers while getting guidance from their human trainer.

Here is an example of online and blended learning: A trainer is going to introduce what elements are needed to make a fire (classical method). After the demonstration, employee will take a test about this topic with their tablet PC (modern method).

Kinds of Online and Blended Learning

Blended learning is a relatively new concept, its effectiveness depends on the age of the participants, you can choose the model that suits you best according to your motivation. The following are some examples of blended learning.

Rational model
There are some employees getting guidance from their trainer, some cooperating with each other, others working with their computers. Every employee can choose their learning style rationally.

Flipping classroom model
Before having courses, employee should have watched some videos or gotten other types of guidance. Employee can stop videos according to their actual situation. For example, if you don't have enough time, you can fast forward the lectures. Besides,employees are allowed to do their test and ask questions in training.

Open classroom model
Employees like studying with computers, but the trainer should motivate and give some instructions to them, otherwise, they are just entertaining themselves.

Blended courses or education
It seems that “ I'm busy” is a common answer people will give when they are asked what they are doing. For people who always have heavy workload, blended learning is a good choice. They can complete their work while getting face-to-face education. They can even have lectures while having dinner. As not all children can do according to instructions on the computer, trainer need to keep an eye on them.

Online and Blended Learning and Bebox
The users can easily operate our LMS. For example, the user can have lectures at company and take a test about the lecture at home.

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