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Definition and Meaning of Scorm Compliant LMS

What does Scorm stand for?

Scorm is an abbreviation, which represents a Shared Content Object Reference Model. It helps define specific ways to build course content, training and learning management systems for sharing with other Scorm-compatible systems. The course content can be packaged and shared with other systems through Scorm.

A Brief History of Scorm

Before we go into the definition and meaning of Scorm, let’s first know how did it come into being. Scorm was the fruit of the advanced distributed learning program authorized by the US Department of Defense. Although Scorm is not an open standard, it is widely accepted by the public.

Scorm has three different versions:
①Scorm1.1: It was launched in January2001. However, it was not widely accepted.
②Scorm1.2: The improved version of Scorm1.1 and was launched in October 2001. It solved many problems of Scorm1.1 and was widely accepted.
③Scorm 2004: It was released in January 2004. A more sophisticated version of Scorm that enables users to sort content on different paths.
In short, Scorm is a senior in the Internet age.

The definition of Scorm package

The Scorm package is a XML file that contains all the information that is required to start the course in the Scorm compliant LMS.

The definition of Scorm compliant LMS

The Scorm compliant LMS can accept any content that conforms to the Scorm standard and provide it to LMS users.

Scorm API

Scorn API is the new component added to the Scorm 2004 so as to describe the runtime API and data model for communication between content objects and learning management systems.

SCORM and Tin Can API

Scorm has been developed for a decade. As time goes by, the demands of educators have changed. Tin Can API, a new generation of Scorm, was released in 2011, and it was renamed "Experience API" in April 2013, but many people still call it the Tin Can API. Tin Can API was also commissioned by the Department of Defense, so it is not an open standard.

Disadvantages of Scorm

It seems that Scorm is great, as it can share content with other systems. But, ask yourself, how many times do you really switch systems or distribute content to other organizations or learning management systems? Besides, Scorm limits LMS developers to their given criteria, which, frankly, does not take all the new and innovative things into consideration. Moreover, a lot of codes are required to add full Scorm support to become a Scorm-compliant LMS advertisement, thus costing a lot of money.  

Scorm and Bebox

For most of our customers, Scorm isn't that important, they just want to create beautiful, attractive, and effective lessons easily for their employee to learn. So we are not fully in line with the Scorm standard. For our corporate customers, we offer the possibility of creating Scorm package courses in our system so that they can use our courses in other Scorm compatible systems. Our online LMS does not support importing Scorm files from other LMS systems.

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