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Problems That SMEs Should Pay Attention to When Developing a Mobile Learning Platform System


1. The SMEs should not be urgent when choosing e-Learning mobile learning platform. In fact, the mobile learning platform is not simply a concept of using the network to provide learning, but a comprehensive solution that includes a series of standardized technologies and management tools. At present, many educational sites provide learning content, but due to the different technologies and standards developed by them, there is a huge obstacle to content exchange. Because of this, every educational website is not supported by social education resources. In response to this situation, experts believe that a complete e-Learning solution is needed to provide an interactive learning environment and to connect more participants through the network with a series of tools and systems, forming a socialized online education system. At the same time, this standard mobile learning platform solution can also be opened to a variety of online education providers and educational institutions through a series of activities. And promote a learning community for anyone, any place, anyone by working with partners.

mobile learning platform

2. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a mobile learning platform course: first, there is no established industry standard and it is impossible to measure the quality of a certain e-Learning course. At present, many e-Learning suppliers just use textbooks directly and upload the courses to the Internet. This is no different from using CDs and videotapes. When choosing an E-Learning service provider, the enterprise must know the provider’s operation and service quality issues in advance.

3. Enterprises abandon the traditional training methods and choose the mobile learning platform. They need a process of understanding and changing ideas. They cannot be separated from the actual situation and force a donkey to dance.

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