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Different Types of Mobile Learning System

What are the exclusive sorts of getting to know management systems?

We have already known why you ought to use an LMS, what an LMS is and how to evaluate an LMS mobile learning system. Next, let us study learning management systems from a unique perspective, that is, the kinds of learning management systems.

Web based e learning system VS Installed LMS software

The biggest distinction in LMS solutions is that between the installed LMS software and the webbased LMS software. The installation of early LMS vendor created software on your very own server is a must, and it had to be maintained via your personal IT, which would cause high setup prices and maintenance agreements. Modern LMS mobile learning system companies develop webbased on-line Learning Mangement Systems. Pricing for webbased software is a fraction of the huge clunky hooked up software. Besides, the LMS companies hold the software and preserve growing and improving their on line LMS software. No huge setup fees are required and the monthly expenses are a lot lower than that of installed LMS software. 

Saas / Cloud LMS VS Hosted LMS

In the webbased software program you have two extraordinary views. You can pick out for a saas LMS or you can host the software yourself. If you are going to host the software, you're in full management of the server specs. But you are also responsible for the uptime and security of your server. You have to improve any updates that come available. If you choose an online saas LMS, then all these responsibilities are for the LMS vendor. You can listen on growing online courses.  

Free VS Commercial

If your budget is limited and there are technical talents in your crew, turn to the available learning management systems that are free of charge. Here are some solutions which can help you install and maintain by yourself. If you do not desire to set up and setup software by yourself, then choose a commercial one. 

Open Source VS Closed Source

There are open source and closed source learning management systems in both webbased and installed software. Online Saas / Cloud LMS software program is in no way open source. If you like open source systems very much, then you just ignore those programs. Freedom as well as responsibilities can be offered by open courses. If you're a guy eager for freedom, just enjoy using an online saas LMS. 


As for integrations, there systems with integrations and systems without integrations on the market. As an LMS can offer third party integrations, it can set the data flow free. 

About Bebox

Bebox mobile e-Learning platform is a suite of integrated modules that manages the entire life cycle of education and development. It covers the areas of competency assessment, course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation and reporting.

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