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E-Learning: A Way Of Broadening Sources Of Income And Reducing Expenditure


With the development of the times, the organizational structure, knowledge structure, age structure and employment values of employees are changing. The proportion of the post-80s and the post-90s is becoming larger in the organizational structure of the company, which improves the acceptance of E-learning and makes e learning mobile learning an unstoppable force in the training of enterprises.

According to the relevant E-Learning market trend report, India, China and Australia have become the fastest growing countries in the scale of E-Learning market. At present, the E-Learning enterprises in the Chinese market are mainly concentrated in foreign-funded enterprises, large private enterprises and state-owned enterprises. The common characteristics of these enterprises are: the number of employees is large, the geographical distribution is wide, the training staff is insufficient, and unified training is needed.

Based on this background, the enterprise has established a special E-Learning project implementation team through the E-learning training system of WOWtalk to support the cross-regional development strategy. WOWtalk, as a training brand under Wanbao Shenghua Group, relies on the group's global human resources service experience for more than 70 years to integrate the global quality teacher and education resources. Through more than 1000 sets of online courses teaching vocational foreign language skills and more than 800 sets of courses teaching vocational general skills, it has provided systematic E-learning solutions for different types of enterprises.

Through the WOWtalk's E-learning training system, the group has changed the practice of using the original form or mail statistics training requirements in the past, collecting demand through electronic functions and thus improving work efficiency.

As for training courses, it focuses on the training of new recruits and new employees with strong demand. The E-learning training of WOWtalk focuses on providing courses such as professional quality, communication and project management, team building and so on, so that they can quickly adapt to their working roles. The director of the training project or the head of the Department will use the tracking and recording functions of E-learning to know the degree of the staff's mastery of the training content, so as to connect with the performance in the actual work to ensure the actual effect of the training.

The flexibility and mobility advantages of E-learning system can compensate for the lack of traditional training. Employees can use the network whenever and wherever they want to have learning or training to improve their abilities, thus improving the competitiveness of enterprises. With the international development and strategic transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, the demand for talents will become higher and higher, and the application of E-Learning in Chinese enterprises will be more popular.

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