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E-Learning And Traditional Training Differ In Cost


The so-called traditional training mainly refers to all kinds of face-to-face training in class, including face-to-face training with multimedia as an auxiliary tool. E-learning refers to the use of the Internet to achieve a learning solution.

The cost of training is divided into two pieces, one is the dominant cost, such as the lecturer fee, site fee, travel cost, and the cost of misunderstanding and so on. These are basically computable (the calculation of loss of work time is relatively difficult, usually in terms of wages). The other is implicit cost, such as learning time, learning effect and so on, which are difficult to calculate accurately.

There are two kinds of traditional training in Enterprises: internal training and open class. The teachers in the training course can be either their own or external invitations. In recent years, some companies buy CDs and focus on learning (in the broad sense, this is also a kind of E-learning, but not in the narrow sense of E-learning, so we also belong to traditional training). In these training, the cost of external teachers is the highest (including open class). The cost per person per day is 500-2000 yuan, and the learning effect is relatively good. The cost of centrally playing CD is relatively low, buying a set of legitimate CD, hundreds of yuan to several thousand yuan, but the learning time is long, the effect is poor, and the hidden cost is higher.

E-learning costs low compares with traditional training. Take Time Guanghua ELN as an example, the average hourly course costs only 3 yuan, and it can be unlimited learning within 3 months. Taking the training of 200 employees as an example, if each person learns 40 hours of course each year, the per capita training fee is less than 140 yuan, which is only 1/20 or even less. Equivalent to 1.5 days of training costs to solve 200 people 40 hours training. As far as the recessive cost is concerned, the learning time can be reduced by 40-60% because each person needs to choose the learning content according to the time. Because of repeated learning and perfect performance improvement tracking system, the learning effect is guaranteed.

In short, E-learning is the most cost-effective way to transfer teaching (training) or training. The mobile learning platform also knows this trend.

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