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E-Learning Has Promoted All The Traditional Training Methods


"With e-learning, you can move the obstacles along the way and make progress at your own pace." In order to retain valuable employees, the company has implemented many innovative methods--e-learning is one of them. The best elearning solution is also needed.

Positive learning

Original situation: training is basically interrupted by the daily work process.

New situation: companies try to combine training with daily business operations, provide a working environment and support positive learning.

Bring information to work

E-learning is especially suitable for on-the-job training. It is easy for employees to understand the content associated with their actual working environment, so when they do customer affairs, they can find, learn and apply the relevant information.

Continuous learning

Original situation: training and refresher courses offered to employees just occasionally.

New situation: compared with the past, technology and training are eliminated at a faster speed, so companies are forced to reorganize and learn at a faster speed.

Synchronize with the speed of information development

In addition to providing all day learning tools for workers, a e-learning strategy can avoid a lot of cost and waste of opportunity caused by less-frequent but large-scale trainings. E-learnging has also developed the updates to inform employees that new content has been created.

Learning at anytime and anywhere

Original situation: the company trains employees at fixed locations and fixed time schedules.

New situation: globalization and changing labor force mean that education must always be prepared and focus on the world.

The company should provide trainings for many employees in different time zones.

Increase the choice of opportunity

Companies offer more options to cope with the challenges. Learning at anytime and anywhere provides people with opportunities to improve their education.

Various medias and highly interactive learning at anytime and anywhere

The original situation: few educational tools can be used to improve trainings.

New situation: the company is in favor of multimedia technology and high interaction, making people who are already familiar with these devices regard this kind of learning very interesting and effective.

New technology adapted to new learning methods

Future staff will bring their laptops to school, schedule on palmtop computers, and carry video games from puberty. In order to provide more experience, the e-learning system adopts a multimedia classified and interactive technology.

Computer animation

Live broadcast video (Cisco IP/TV Solution)

Video conference (Cisco IP/VC Solution)

Streaming media (audio and video)

Visual reality

Visual white image

Fast information transference between students

"The greatest advantage of e-learning is that it can create a new environment for learning by using a variety of technologies, including media, multiple filming, and all kinds of softwares such as Flash and Java." Keeling says so.

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