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E Learning Mobile Learning Trends


Teachers and administrative staff have had classes by means of technology for several decades. As cloud computing emerged and smaller and more portable mini computers as well as other network devices ( such as tablet PC, smart phone) became popular, classroom education was likely to be replaced by technology gradually. With mobile devices, E learning mobile learning can help learners conduct long-distance study at any place. E learning mobile learning has been common step by step, for which we provide some major trends of M-Learning, assisting you to know more about how it form s a new way in 21st century .

The integration about learning place
E learning mobile learning increasingly takes advantage of technology to connect different places seamlessly. A good example is the museum applying this technology where visitors can use mobile devices to get to know some collections of relevant items . The natural and historical museums in New York in the USA possess excellent mobile technology to guide participants to have better experience for appreciating the artworks. As the users of smart phones are on the rise, this trend will be growing rapidly.

The management of online courses
In recent years, the management of online course like Moodle and Blackboard is used by many people. The popularity of such managing system can be traced back to students who are able to login through mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet PC like iPad. Students, teachers and parents will participate the educating process more practically.

E-books become leaders gradually.
Amazon.com is one of the biggest book retailers. For one year past, its sales of e-books have surpassed traditional books. E-books are being one part of American daily life stably. And e-books are introduced into classrooms little by little.

Cloud computing technology in schools
Currently, cloud computing technology has been a vogue word. Large-scale companies like Microsoft and Apple bring out their cloud computing technological devices and application program in succession, and schools do not turn blind eye to this hot technology. An increasing number of schools use cloud computing technology to provide and communicate the information as decrease the budget. A world and class tend to be movable,so cloud computing technology is not just a sort of trend but a rule for managing the messages in 10 years possibly.

Bringing mobile devices into the classrooms
Recently, the majority of kids have mobile devices. The schools seize this opportunity, using these gadgets which distract the attention of students to become a teaching tool for class. From phones to notebook computer, more and more teachers and students lead technical products in the classroom and make full use of them.

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