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E-Learning: The Era Of Seamless Integration Is Quietly Coming


In the application of enterprise e-Learning, although there are new topics every year, the essence of returning to business learning is still the same. The purpose of capacity improvement is to improve the effectiveness of work, thereby contributing to the achievement of enterprise strategy. The following will share key findings and key contents of enterprise technology learning according to "2013 China enterprise e-Learning Application Research Report".

Key findings

According to the survey results, the application of e-Learning in enterprises has the following trends:

First, the era of seamless integration is quietly coming. E-learning has experienced more than ten years of development. When learning is constantly switching in different situations, medias and equipments, it is the required process of the Seamless Learning era to smoothly integrate and to realize the learning purpose of adding extra points to the application of e learning mobile learning technology.

Second, the e-learning application emphasizes more on experience than technology. Whether e-Learning focus on "e" or "Learning"? From many years of practice, we can see that "Learning" is still the central axis.

Third, learning the development of the ecological circle. When most enterprises begin to implement e-Learning, it is to meet the needs of online course playing, online examination and training information management in formal learnings. After the application is mature, it begins to expand the application of assisting the talents, performance management and informal learning; then, it begins to cross out the application of human resources as the major part, combined with the core business processes of other enterprises.

Fourth, the opening from management to participation. The enterprise information system can be divided into two categories: one is ERP, finance, CRM, HR and other systems of records based on the storage of information. The two is a system of engagement based on participation and interaction, such as the internal cooperation  platform and communication platform. In the process of the development of the enterprise information system, the role of the system of engagement is becoming more and more important as the application of the social network and the mobile internet type of enterprise tends to be mature. The training and learning management system deeply connects with the internal social communication network and the mobile internetwork, making it stronger of the UGC (User Generated Content) application in the enterprise learning resources, and the less-centralized training management, represented by the learner-centered learning portal, shows the importance of the word --"Engagement".

Fifth, the first year of intelligent learning. In April 21, 2013, the new generation of e-Learning standards, the application interface of learning experience--Experience API (or xAPI) were put forward, which was a special result of ADL in the cumulative three years.

The application needs of enterprise e-Learning

The survey shows that the application of enterprise e-Learning is becoming more and more diverse, and 57% of the enterprises have taken the application of both formal learning and informal learning into account. This trend has increased in the past few years and has been greatly improved in 2013. In addition, there are 35% of enterprise applications focused on formal learning, while only 8% of enterprises applying e-Learning to informal learning.

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