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E-Learning Varies In Traditional Training


Theoretically, online learning does not limit the number of audiences. Because of hardware constraints such as network infrastructure, not everyone can easily access it. But China's about 64000000 broadband users can easily learn online with simple browsers. Because of low cost and no time and space constraints, E-learning has become the best choice for enterprises to achieve full staff training.

The audience of traditional training is limited, because the demand of students is different, the limitation of teachers' energy and the limitation of time and space. The best number of face-to-face training is 20-30. If there are more than 50 people in the classroom, the effect of training will be greatly reduced. Basically, we can only do speech training.

Consistency is reflected in two aspects: learning information transmission and learning information itself.

As far as traditional training is concerned, on the one hand, because of the differences in knowledge, experience and ability of teachers, the same subject, even the same training materials, the way of teaching between different teachers are different. As a result of the same subject training, each person receives a large difference in information, which is not conducive to the company's use of the same language for communication and work. Sometimes it will cause confusion and reduce the effect of training. On the other hand, because of the training information scattered in the hands of students or different places, when the training content is updated, it is impossible to ensure that all the training materials are updated in time and correctly so that the training information can not be guaranteed.

For E-learning, these two problems are avoided to the greatest extent. First of all, all the students are the information that calls the same database, and the information that is obtained is certainly consistent. On the other hand, because there is only one place to store information, it is easy to update and keep data consistent with reality.

Of course, because of the difference between the students' learning ability and their energy, everyone will have a different degree of mastery. But E-learning guarantees the consistency of information at least. It also needs more demand for elearning companies.

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