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Efficient LMS Blended Learning


As for the question that how to establish an enterprise university, more and more enterprises turn to technologies. Specifically, that is LMS blended learning, this method trains people through the Internet or other interactive technologies.
Let's see how some leading companies ensure the electronization of learning and use the enterprise universities for businesses.
Accenture: Establishing thousands of universities
How many universities do a company need to build for its employees? The answer given by Accenture is a university for a staff member.

LMS blended learning

How does Accenture make it through LMS blended learning?

Like most multinational companies, Accenture also needs to establish a new staff training system. Businesses of this multinational consultant and technology service company cover many countries in the world, and the aim of this company is to meet the business needs of different customers. To meet these needs, Accenture has formed an enterprise culture centered on continuous learning. Every year, Accenture invests 6% of their annual income in training, while that of general companies is 1% averagely, and as for those that focus on training, the figure is only 4%.

In fact, "training" is the most primary reason why the employees of Accenture want to join and stay in the company.

Core Transformation: Classroom training turns into LMS blended learning

Technology is only part of Accenture's enterprise university model, the online training courses are also increasing continuously. Through e- learning, Accenture can save time, reduce costs and make the staff able to learn in their spare time. Of course, the number of classrooms and buildings used for training is also greatly reduced.

Accenture delivers training contents to employees through efficient network based systems to improve their skills. Training courses can be very accessible, as long as there is the Internet, you can get the courses everywhere, you can get them in companies, clients, homes, on the way and even abroad. The content of the course can even be synchronized with PDA.

Everyone's online interface can be personalized. Log in the network interface, " My Learning", employees can arrange their own learning, and manage their own learning needs. Employees who want to learn a certain course can search the courses they need in the course catalogue. If employees want to find some articles, they can use the search engine provided by" My Learning". Employees can register their own courses and have a clear grasp of their learning progress, such as what courses have been completed and what courses they will take.

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