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Five-Step Method For Functional Planning Of Enterprise Mobile Learning Management System (2)


Dimension 3: Performance Support

In the era of mobile Internet, learning can support employee's performance, and how to transform the functions of mobile learning management system into performance support for employees? Enterprises can achieve this by migrating offline support to the Internet. For example, employees are encouraged to interact, ask questions and answers on the platform, so that problems in the work can be quickly solved. Business capable persons and talents in the enterprise can be put online so the employees can get a professional answer.  All in all, let employees find solutions to problems that arise in the workflow, get performance support and improve work efficiency anytime, anywhere.

 mobile learning management system

Dimension 4: Auxiliary Knowledge Management
In the assistance of functional planning of knowledge management in enterprises, it can be planned at the organizational level and the individual level of the employee.  Knowledge management at the organizational level can be designed according to three dimensions: knowledge base management, knowledge precipitation, and content symbiosis. " Knowledge precipitation" is realized through functions such as Q&As, groups, comments, and sharing, while “content symbiosis” is achieved through micro-class uploading and sharing.  In the process of functional planning of knowledge management, it is easy to ignore the knowledge management at the individual level. The knowledge management at the individual level of employees can effectively help employees master knowledge, consolidate knowledge and stimulate interest in learning. Through personalized learning and classification functions such as collection, subscription, and notes, a knowledge management method can be better provided to the employees, so that employees can quickly and accurately find the required knowledge in the mobile learning system when needed.

Dimension 5: Assist Corporate Culture Construction
Finally, the functional planning of the mobile learning management system should also consider assisting in the construction of corporate culture. Through the bulletin board, news information, questionnaires, push and other simple functions,  corporate information and corporate value can be quickly transferred, which can help employees understand the company and integrate into the company. Let the mobile learning system not only serve as a window for employees to learn and add value, but also serve as a wind vane of knowing the company's information, which can enhance the employee's stickiness to the system, and improve the system's online rate and usage rate. It is believed that the trainers of the enterprise can screen out the functions that can effectively assist the enterprise training. As long as they start the functional planning of mobile learning from the above five dimensions, combined with the training pain points and needs of the enterprise, then develop a complete and comprehensive mobile learning function planning book, so that the mobile learning system becomes a tool to assist corporate training!

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