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Enterprise Cloudbase Mobile Learning Development Stage: Training Management


The Third Stage: Online Learning + Learning Management + Training Management

The training management stage of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application is a brave innovation for traditional face-to-face training, the organizational value created by the establishment of learning organizations and the implementation of training management is far-reaching. At this stage, the application of EnterpriseCloudbase mobile learningcan not only optimize online learning and learning management, but also carry out ELN and E-HR in four stages: training needs analysis, training course design, training implementation and training effect evaluation, achieving the goal of saving training time and cost, promoting performance evaluation and improving training efficiency.

Cloudbase mobile learning

In the training management, many Cloudbase mobile learning service providers pay more attention to the user's needs and experience in the product's functional design, interface operation and course design. At present, e-Learning suppliers in the market are mainly divided into three categories: platform technology vendors, course resource providers and platform + resource providers. With the consideration of resource integration advantages, many enterprise customers will choose the third type of platform + resource provider. By adopting the method of renting and purchasing learning platform, it is easy to enjoy the extensive curriculum resources that the platform comes with, eliminating the trouble of self-built courses.

However, companies often confuse the effectiveness of E-Learning training when choosing an E-Learning supplier. Here we need to solve two problems in enterprise E-Learning training management: the first is what to learn? The second is how to learn? Investing in employees is not only a kind of welfare, but also an investment in enterprise talent development, good training efficiency comes not only from letting every employee learn, but also understanding how to learn more effectively.

Large and medium-sized companies are often in the third stage of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application, the E-Learning training has made the mixed training play a very good role in the cultivation of talents in the enterprise and the improvement of the competence of the employees. With the mature application of Enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning, the knowledge management stage of full participation, knowledge inheritance, talent management, ability replication, and employee consciously conducting informal learning will enable enterprises to better acquire, share and apply knowledge.

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