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Enterprise Cloudbase Mobile Learning Development Stage: Knowledge Management


The Fourth Stage: Online Learning + Learning Management + Training Management + Knowledge Management

A great value of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application, besides online learning, learning management and training management, has paid more attention to knowledge management, and managing knowledge as an asset is the core of future human resource management, it is also one of the most important means of building a "producer" system.

Cloudbase mobile learning

In the knowledge management stage, the function of the Cloudbase mobile learning management platform is expanded. Online knowledge base, enterprise resource library, enterprise college, live classroom, online recording course, community garden, knowledge search engine, forum, microblog, blog, and other "works" are put together to quickly active learning people. The Cloudbase mobile learning course resources are enriched, and enterprise knowledge such as general courses, professional customized courses, quality courses, informal resources, internal and external resources, etc. are fully accumulated, learned, used and shared. The Cloudbase mobile learning organizes to implement management actions such as improving efficiency, learning tracking, assessment, knowledge sharing, and cultural propaganda, coupled with the general improvement of students' self-consciousness and initiative, the implementation of enterprise E-Learning truly develops deeply into the enterprise and directly contributes to the development of the enterprise. The ultimate goal of enterprise’s application of Cloudbase mobile learning is the same, that is to realize the deep integration of E-Learning with personnel training and knowledge management, and to establish a corporate learning or knowledge portal. Fixed barrack, floating soldiers, brain drain is a problem that companies have to face. When people leave, their knowledge cannot be left, and new employees enter from scratch, instead of standing on the shoulders of the former, which is a great waste of talent copying. And the application of knowledge management can enable enterprises to build their own knowledge base, build learning organizations, retain talents, train talents, enhance talents, realize the inheritance and effective use of knowledge, at the same time, it is also a strong competitive advantage for the company to win in the future.

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