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Enterprise Cloudbase Mobile Learning Development Stage: Learning Management


The Second Stage: Online Learning + Learning Management

The learning management stage of enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning development is mainly the interaction of curriculum resources learning + learning management platform. Enterprises have increase their management actions through self-built platforms or leased learning platforms. Generally, medium-sized companies will arrange a special learning administrator to carry out a series of actions such as learning account allocation, learning plan arrangement, learning progress review, and learning result assessment. Thus, the learning of the students is no longer a unitary individual learning, but is transforming and progressing to the group learning.

Cloudbase mobile learning

In the process of learning, business managers will find that “employees will only do what you check and will not do what you expect.” This management quote will play a very good role in the learning management stage of the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning. With a learning account, students can easily watch and learn the course, the administrator can learn the progress of each student in real time through the learning management platform, such as the time and number of platform logins, the number of courses learned, and the test status. According to the control of the whole learning situation, the administrators of the enterprise can clearly track the students' learning progress, and give the learning reminder and supervision.

Face-to-face training is often more difficult when the size or branch size of a enterprise grows larger, Due to the limitations of time, place, manpower and material resources, enterprises will shift part of face-to-face training to online. This also prompted the enterprise Cloudbase mobile learning application to enter the third stage, bringing mixed training, E-HR, ELN and other cutting-edge training management concepts to quickly put into the local implementation of enterprises.

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