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Why Does Enterprise Learning Platform Represent The General Trend?


Enterprise learning platform has changed a lot compared with 5 years ago. Different from traditional PC online learning, its learning scene is unified with application scenario. Surely, the source of learning needs should be noticed. So why is mobile enterprise learning platform regarded as the general trend?

1. The shipment quantity grows and wireless network popularizes. It is reported from IT research company Canalys, the shipment of global smart phone exceeded PC in the fourth season in 2011. After that, this trend has been enlarged. In 2013 December, IDC even predicted that tablet PC and smart phone would occupy 87% of the total sales volume of networking device in 2017. At the same time, as 3G/4G network and Wifi become common, the availability and using experience of mobile devices will be improved greatly.

2. Convenience and easiness are one of the most distinct advantages of mobile devices. It can be used to chat with others and obtain the information whenever and wherever. Actually, when we encounter a problem or need to search for some messages, the first thing comes to many people's mind is to search the Internet by phones instead of a computer. This is called"Mobile First".

3. Especially to those colleagues who will work in a non-fixed location or have high mobility( such as sales), mobile devices are more tempting. More and more companies allow their workers to use their own “BYOD".

4.“ New human" require “always online", whose life and working pace are fast as well as shortened attention, causing “fragmentation". While mobile learning is one of the most acceptable ways for"fractional" learning.

5. More and more mobile Apps and learning sources, more convenient learning conditions and better learning experience catch more people's eyes to join in it, forming a virtuous cycle and pushing the mobile learning to develop.

From the combining degree and structural degree, the tactics of mobile learning in the enterprises can be divided as (1) learn by themselves,  (2) social learning,  (3) training delivery and assistance, (4) business support. These four strategies can coexist and can be used for people, scenes and activities of different types.

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