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What Kind Of Enterprise Does Suit To Forge A Mobile Learning Platform?


The combination of mobile finance, medical, Internet and life implies that a new round economic revolution is ongoing, and a broad market is waiting to be exploited. Mobile learning, as a deep integration of mobile Internet and education and training industry, attracts more and more attention. BAT is investing and planning, and every enterprise is constructing their own mobile learning platforms.

Upon mobile learning selection, the enterprise must make a decision according to its own actual needs and concrete application scenarios rather than blindly following suit. Generally speaking, three kinds of following enterprises are most suitable to introduce mobile enterprise learning platform:

1.High-tech enterprises
A scientific and technical corporation is highly organized, accompanied by highly weeping out. For one thing, this kind of company jumps ahead of the times, being a leader in conceptual innovation and technological advance, and reaching for new things and new technologies, which is eager for updating the knowledge structure. For another thing, its group of staff becomes younger in average age who can accept fresh stuff very soon, such as Baidu and Tencent. High- tech enterprises Like HP and IBM will gain better benefits if forging mobile learning platform.

2.Large chain enterprises

This sort of enterprise will establish many chain stores or branches in every corner. They have  high turnover who usually hire a lot of part-timers and temporary staff. So the workers are scattered, with uneven cultural quality and uneasily unified training. For example, some large chain medical stores, hotels, restaurants and clothes stores adapt to make mobile learning platforms, and have fractional, mobile and impromptu training.

3. large-scale conglomerate

The wide distribution wide, the pretty much hierarchy, frequent training times are contained in large enterprise groups. The trainers need to travel to different cities to have their work proceed, taking time and energy plus poor effect. This kind of enterprise like Energy&Power, banks and communication which is state-owned business will save their training cost and time as well as enhance the efficiency for colleagues.

A problem must be paid attention to when your enterprise suits to forge mobile learning platform, that is, mobile learning is not a reproduction of traditional e-learning, so it is not necessary to copy its content to your phone. No matter the platform or content, it is best to redesign according to the characteristics of mobile phone. Because the phone is portable, quick to use, the fist reaction for people is to take out the phone to search the wanted information. That is called " mobile priority". Thus, mobile learning platform should design as needed and learn right to use right, with videos, brief image-text, simple and direct fragmentation as best ways.

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