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The Current Situation Of Enterprise Online Learning In China


Chinese enterprises have great practical needs for e-learning. Because Chinese enterprises have a great number of workers. At the same time, there is a great difference between the contents of staff learning and enterprises and it needs to be updated. Chinese enterprises have a very small budget for training, so e-learning, known for its low cost, is an effective tool for Chinese enterprises to break through the predicament of corporate training.

enterprise online learning
Chinese enterprises are very interested in the use of new technologies. Different from foreign enterprises, the training management system has formed a standardized management system after a long period of development. On the contrary, the development time of Chinese enterprises is not long, and the speed of development is very fast. Therefore, how to use new technology to improve the operation and management capabilities of enterprises is a problem that every enterprise must consider. The emergence of the Internet has greatly changed the training mode of enterprises, including training management mode, and also provided a fast upgrading opportunity for Chinese enterprises. Because of this, Chinese enterprises do not have many conflicts with the new technology and are willing to try.


The habit of Chinese autonomous learning is relatively lacking, and enterprises lack learning the culture. These become a major obstacle for enterprises to pursue online learning. Therefore, enterprises must cooperate with strong implementation strategies, including the direct link between learning and work performance assessment. Enterprises should create a culture of self-directed learning, and use enterprise training as a job need, not just welfare.

Secondly, the investment of the enterprises is small, and the leaders do not pay attention to it. The benefits of training cannot be immediately reflected, so when enterprises need to control costs, the training budget is often the first to be deleted.

In addition, some enterprises lack professional training managers. Many training Commissioners or supervisors just entered the training industry and are not steady. This will lead to a lack of reasonable long-term planning for the enterprise. This also affects the use of e-learning in the enterprise.

No matter what the current situation of enterprise online learning, E-Learning is not only an advanced enterprise online learning model but also the inevitable trend of the future development of enterprises. The development of science and technology is far beyond the expectations of human beings

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