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Why Should Enterprises Introduce LMS Mobile Learning?


Lms mobile learning is the trend of the times, this is an incontrovertible conclusion. But for enterprises, why should we introduce lms mobile learning, the core value of introducing mobile learning is a problem that many enterprises have not yet recognized in this training technology revolution. Bebox tells you why enterprises should introduce mobile learning and the value of mobile learning in business development.

1. Mobile Learning Technology is The Easiest to Popularize

PC learning is suitable for teaching, but it is not the most popular one. Because some people don't have a computer, or they only have a desktop computer, or a computer can't connect to the network all the time, etc. Due to similar usage scenarios and network limitations, the PC learning method cannot be the most convenient and most popular. Mobile learning, because of its ease of use and the characteristics of the terminal, determines that it is the most popular way to be accepted by the audience.

lms mobile learning

2. Mobile Learning Retention Rate Is As High As 90%
According to a survey conducted by the National Training Laboratory of the United States, the retention rate of passive learning such as listening, reading, etc. is only 5%-10% in the 21-day learning forgetting curve, and the retention rate of active learning such as discussion, practice, and teaching to others can reach 90%. Passive learning is more suitable for traditional e-learning, while Q&A, discussion, sharing and other designs in mobile learning are all active learning behaviors. These behaviors can be better practiced in the mobile Internet environment. Therefore, the advantage of mobile learning is that it has strong interactivity, active learning such as Q&A discussion is informal learning, and the connection and interaction between people can better create a learning organization atmosphere. This is where mobile learning is better than other learning methods under the natural advantages of the mobile Internet.

3. The Study And Use of Knowledge Is Closely Integrated With Work
Learning seems to be a simple matter, but it has different states. One is to systematically acquire the knowledge of a subject, and it needs to be systematically studied. The other is to learn when encountering problems. This kind of learning is immediacy and does not need to be systematically studied. For enterprises, the most needed learning for employees should be the study that supports the practical problems of his work. In the lms mobile learning environment, many courses are systematically structured courses, and only two or three points of these systems may be used in practical work. This kind of learning is not the best experience for employees. And in this environment, users are not willing to spend a lot of time on the mobile phone to learn. So we need to classify the systematic courses into pieces of knowledge based on knowledge points. The advantage of this approach is the close integration of knowledge and work. When you encounter problems in your work, you can find the knowledge points to solve this problem very accurately, so as to solve problems and improve work performance.|

After reading the three points of mobile learning listed above, have you got a new understanding of mobile learning?

Easy to use and spread, high knowledge retention rate, learning and use are closely related to work are the three core values of mobile learning. Exalting these three swords, mobile learning can bring the effect and value that face-to-face training and traditional e-learning cannot surpass.

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