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The Necessity of Establishing and Developing a Mobile Learning Platform for SMEs


1. Let's take a look at the current status of the training industry. At present, the training market is in a relatively chaotic situation. There are many lecturers and training topics! Therefore, for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in the case of limited training funds, they must not blindly purchase fashionable and popular courses. It is necessary to deeply consider which trainings have a key role in improving the performance of enterprises, and which are only "embroidery pillows." In other words, companies should choose courses that are suitable for the development of the company and the status quo of the personnel, rather than a course with beautiful coats such as “the latest, best, most popular". On the other hand, these courses are all "one-off" investments.

mobile learning platform

2. From the perspective of the training status of enterprises, corporate training occasionally has such a sense that we have done training on certain aspects, so it is no longer needed. Enterprises often think that " when they have done it, they will master it ”, but it's not the truth. How many trainees can apply the training content to the actual work? Improvements in one aspect of the trainee are accomplished through a continuous training session. A lively and practical course will improve trainees' ideas, but they will not be effective in their behavior, or the trainees will follow the old practice. In a few months, the concept has not been verified by actual results, and the concept itself will be wiped out with the passage of time, and it will not produce "effectiveness." Therefore, in order to ensure the effectiveness of a certain aspect of training, it is necessary to adopt the "multiple training + necessary counseling training" mode, which will reflect the training effect very well.

3. According to the US Business Weekly, 88% of the world's 2000 largest companies have implemented the mobile learning platform system, while China's current situation is less than 1%. The huge market gap has made people all over the world land in China's big market. By the end of the 1990s, a network company specializing in mobile learning platform services officially appeared. At present, e-Learning is developing rapidly in China, and many universities and middle schools have launched related courses. In the field of enterprise employee training, many companies have started to use e-Learning to train employees. Especially in many multinational companies and well-known domestic companies, the e-Learning mobile learning platform has become an important way for employee training.

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