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Five Reasons for Using Online Mobile Learning


Mobile not only changes the way we live, work and contact but also affects and changes our ways of learning, which is the general trend. I think the following five reasons are persuasive enough for us to embrace online mobile learning.

Widespread of mobile devices

According to the report of Canalys, an IT research firm, in the fourth quarter of 2011, the shipments of global smartphone surpassed that of PC for the first time, and the trend continues to spread. According to the statistics of GartnerGroup, in 2013, the shipments of PC dropped by 8.4% and that of tablet PC increased by 53.4%. It was estimated that, in 2014, the sales of traditional computer would continue to decline, and the market of tablet PC would continue to expand by 38.6%. IDC even predicted that, by 2017, tablets and smartphones will account for 87% of the total sales of networked devices. At the same time, with the popularity of 3G/4G network and Wifi, the usability and performances of mobile devices will be greatly improved.

online mobile learning

Now, when people encounter problems or need some information, the first thing they would do is not checking the computer, but searching through the mobile phones, which is called "MobileFirst". Portability and ease of use are one of the most remarkable advantages of mobile devices. Wherever and whenever, people can easily use mobile devices to communicate and obtain information. Once the habit formed, it will be difficult to change, which greatly solidifies the stickiness of people's use of mobile devices.

Although mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet PC have many limitations such as small screen, inconvenient manipulation, limited computing power, battery capacity limitation and network bandwidth instability, they also have some unique advantages, such as easy to carry, fast boot speed, GPS positioning or navigation, sound recording, picture recording, speech input, etc. And it will integrate more and more functions, such as payment, device interconnection, etc. which will become an important basis and prerequisite for the popularization of mobile learning.

In particular, mobile devices are more tempting for employees (such as salesmen) who have high maneuverability, and some companies even distribute mobile devices for employees or allow employees to use their own mobile devices (BYOD).

To meet the learning characteristics of "new human"
Now, the "new human" represented by the post-90s generation has become a "new force" in the workplace. They have distinct characteristics in study, consumption and social interaction. They have more personality and are more willing to take the initiative rather than listen to others passively. Therefore, any enterprise university or training department that wants to succeed must adapt to these changes quickly.

"New human" is a group of "super learners". They have a strong demand for learning. They are good at questioning, reflecting, and working together. They can use all kinds of new technologies skillfully, and prefer the mobile Internet, socializing, and gamification. Therefore, on the one hand, enterprises should create or provide more learning opportunities for them, on the other hand, enterprises should make use of new technologies and new methods to better meet their learning needs. These new technologies and new methods include online mobile learning, socialized learning, and game learning, all of which can effectively meet the learning characteristics of "new human".

Increasingly rich mobile apps
The emergence of more and more mobile apps is one of the important factors that promote the development of online mobile learning. For example, some companies have begun to develop sales support apps applicable for iPad. Through the iPad, salesmen can display product information to customers if necessary, and learn information while doing so. In addition, there are many open mobile learning applications available to the enterprises.

With the enrichment of mobile learning apps, people can get information, such as product information, e-book, bulletin and so on, they need more easily, so as to attract more people to participate, start a virtuous cycle, and then promote the rapid development of online mobile learning.

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