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Four Types of Online Mobile Learning


Although the application of online mobile learning is still in the exploratory stage, I think its application scope is very extensive. According to the embeddability of the application (that is, the compactness of the integration with the business process) and the structure degree of the learning project (formal learning or informal learning), we can divide online mobile learning applications into four categories.

online mobile learning

Training delivery and auxiliary
Because of the inherent mindset, many people naturally associate "learning" with "training". Therefore, it is common to apply mobile devices to training and training management as a means of training delivery or as an auxiliary and supplement to training.

As a way of training delivery
In the "multi-screen" era, pads and smartphones are one of the most commonly-used "screens" and a convenient channel for information dissemination and communication. Therefore, mobile devices can be used as a training delivery carrier.

Many companies have developed or customized "micro-courses" applicable for mobile devices, equipped their employees with iPads, and developed mobile learning apps and related courses.

Some companies use smartphones or iPad in training courses to allow students to watch videos and document information. Other companies open WeChat groups and QQ groups to encourage students to communicate in real time through social software, thus facilitating the follow-up continuous learning and follow-up. In addition, enterprises can also use mobile devices to assist in training management. For example, the UnionPay training center sends training notices, check-in, investigation and evaluation and solicit feedback through mobile phones.

As a means of access to e-Learning
As many enterprises have established the e-Learning online mobile learning system, developed or purchased online courses applicable for PC. So transforming these online courses properly so that they can run on the mobile device will become a common mobile learning strategy.

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