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Functions of Cloud Mobile Learning


How should cloud mobile learning be played?

1. Punch learning: as the name implies, it is sign-in learning. Every morning on the way to work, every afternoon on the way home, turn on the mobile phone (APP or WeChat public account) to log in, a learning task associated with your job skills and today's work tasks will be automatically pushed to you.

cloud mobile learning

2. Live online: the advent of the 4G era, mobile online live learning will become very common. The live broadcast only tells five things:

1) Project training based on work tasks (core);

2) Training in marketing & business skills, operational promotion skills (core);

3) Company events and new products, new institutional processes, new policy training;

4) Training to develop leadership and teaching ability;

5) Industry development trends and competitive situation analysis;

3. Project actual combat: each day, the study group must come up with a typical case of actual work to share, communicate and discuss with the partners. Everyone participates in the actual project discussion. The project can be any part of the progress process: project background analysis stage, demand analysis stage, product presentation stage, program production stage, business negotiation stage, agreement signing stage, or after-sales service stage, etc. Finally, the line manager makes a comment. In the end, it was summarized and summarized as one of the company's classic cases, and be put in the company classic case library. The shared case should be assessed by quality, graded anonymously, ranked by real name, etc.

4. Performance completion: one-year performance targets, one-quarter performance targets, one-month performance targets, and one-week performance targets will be reminded every day if they do not meet the standard. If they meet or exceed the standard, the employee will not be reminded, the actual completion and the target will form a data comparison, warning promptly. Line managers can see how each person's performance is. According to the performance completion situation, the business & project will be coached separately, the lack of employees found in the coaching process, refining the ability items, return to the first three points above, to improve and improve learning. During the training process, find out where the staff is insufficient, then go back to the first 3 points above, and learn to improve and perfect.

5. Ranking List: excellent employees, star trainees, performance champions, etc. will all have their ranking lists. Everyone knows their rankings in the team clearly. Each time a stage of the study is completed, the certificate will be issued at the same time as the performance is achieved. The certificate holder will directly reward a certain percentage of cash. And it is directly related to the promotion. If you run cloud mobile learning in this way, what kind of learning results will the company get, and whether it can really improve the company's performance?

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