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HTML5 Development Meeting- Beijing, China and Salt Lake City, US


HTML5 Development Meeting

Cyberwisdom has hosted a technology conference about HTML5 in Beijing with BestSeller and Allen Communication。About 10 Technology experts from Cyberwisdom, AC and Bestseller worldwide are having in depth discussions in using new technology in e-Learning.

Adobe made a recent announcement that Android devices will no longer get new installations of its Flash Player via Google Play and only those devices with a pre-installed Flash player will be updated. This means that new devices wouldn't be getting Flash Player updates, bug fixes, and security updates. Why HTML5?Adobe Flash is stopping update in 2014 on Andriod!

HTML5 Development Meeting

Q:Flash is dead?
A:No doubt, more and more enterprise are discussing the trend of HTML5 from 2013, but BestSeller worldwide is moving in 2014 to adopt more and more HTML5 technologies together with 2 worldwide leaders in e-Learning, Cyberwisdom and Allen Communication。In 2014, Google Andriod 4.4 has less support to Flash on mobile device, meaning both iOS and new Andriod will have more reliance on HTML5. This shows the trend of HTML5 has come in 2014.

Q:What does the trend of HTML5 impacts?
A:Even though HTML5 support has a series of issues, reference Oli Studholme, expert of HTML5 and Flash HTML5 Technologist, There are lot of the new stuff in HTML 5 isn't widely supported, compatibility issues of new parts of HTML 5 (such as structural HTML5 DEVELOPMENT MEETING Why Cyberwisdom is upgrading LMS platform learner front end technology into HTML5?

Cyberwisdom has invested huge amount of resources in research and development to use new technology esp Mobile and Cross Platform Technology including Wechat, WEBAPP, iOS, Andriod and Hybrid technology? Here is the story elements) support can often be added today via CSS and Javascript., serious browsers support problems and HTML5 is not ready for Flash like animation etc, it is time for us to be ready for the decline of Flash and any technology leader should make more R&D on the change.

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