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Develop Implementation Strategy for E Learning Online Learning

The transformation of training into performance improvement cannot be achieved overnight. It needs to be carried out step by step. The first thing to do is to integrate learning into the work. What people need to do is not just the event itself, but people need to integrate learning into their work, because learning takes place in the workplace. Choosing the suitable learning content is the foundation for a successful E Learning Online Learning strategy.

The following four points are characteristic of the appropriate learning content:

· Teaching content: accurately designed content needs to adhere to some principles of adult learning, emphasizing problem-solving, applying critical thinking, and mobilizing learners' interest and experiential learning.

· Information content: sometimes, learning takes place in an informal setting, so it is important to ensure that learners can quickly find learning resources anywhere.

· Quality of learning content: learning content must be the skills that the instructor needs in the workplace, or support his work.

· Mix learning methods to enhance learning content: Mix formal learning with informal learning and social learning methods to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

After choosing the right teaching content, what the trainers need to do is to continuously strengthen the training content and be consistent with the corporate goals. This phase is also very important for the success of the E Learning Online Learning strategy.

If the training effect is not enhanced, the training content will be gradually forgotten. E Learning Online Learning is the best way for people to apply what they have learned and to strengthen their skills.

The final step required for the success of the E Learning Online Learning strategy is to gain management support and develop a hybrid training approach that covers formal, informal and social learning. Currently, most of the learning is informal learning. However, this does not mean that formal learning is not important. On the contrary, most of the learning and development funds are used for formal learning.

The biggest value of the hybrid learning approach comes from the pre-training and post-training work, but most companies focus on the training event itself, which is not reasonable.

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