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Interaction Design in Elearning Mobile Learning

Elearning Mobile learning is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience of access, fragmentation of content, personalization of learning and timeliness of interaction. Today's article is recommended for you to pay attention to the interactive design of elearning mobile learning, which is also called cloud mobile learning.

Interaction in elearning mobile learning
Interactive thinking has been emphasized in many modern learning theories for a long time. Constructivist learning theory believes that learners'communication and cooperation with others in certain situations and the process of active meaning construction is the process of learning. Interaction in elearning mobile learning can also draw lessons from digital learning and distance education to a certain extent. But the characteristics of mobile learning itself determine that its interaction will be different from digital learning and distance education. The types of interaction in mobile learning are as follows:

Interaction between learners and operation interfaces
In elearning mobile learning, learners acquire content through the operation of mobile terminals. This interaction is an action of learners for the learning interface, which is the basis for learners to achieve other interactions, and even the most basic premise to complete learning. The effect of interaction between learners and operation interface depends on the complexity, ease of operation and learners' familiarity with the media interface. In the process of interface design of interactive mobile learning environment, students' operation interaction should be fully considered, and relevant instruction and training should be provided for learners in time.

Interaction between learners and teaching elements
Some scholars believe that the interaction between learners and teaching elements is a kind of information interaction. We divide this kind of information into knowledge information and emotional information, which are embodied in the interaction between learners and learning resources, learners and teachers. In cloud mobile learning, the interaction between learners, teachers and other learners can make full use of the inherent characteristics of mobile terminals and mobile networks, which is more convenient. The interaction between learners and learning resources is quite different from that in digital learning and distance learning. The first point is that because of the limitations of wireless networks and mobile terminal screens, online learning resources are mainly in the form of text, which costs relatively large amounts of video and other multimedia online resources, which are now not abundent enough. Another point is the fragmentation of mobile learning content, that is, learners in different occasions and their time for mobile learning is short, so their attention can be easily affected by the environment, learning time cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in learning resources design process, we should pay attention to the content capacity and learning time.

Interaction between learners and learning situations
The biggest difference among mobile learning and digital learning and distance learning is that "elearning mobile learning can achieve anytime and anywhere". The learning environment can be separated from the traditional classroom and fixed PC, so learners can learn in the real learning situation to solve problems. At the same time, with mobile terminals and wireless network technology, mobile learning can transmit learning content at any time, learners can also collect and record real or simulated data, which will have a huge role in promoting learning effect. Situational cognitive learning theory tells us that "the essence of learning is a process of participation in social practice, interaction with others and environment, and a social process of document adaptation." Interaction with various situations in mobile learning can better help learner with their cognitive activities.

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