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The Reasons of the Invesment Returns Brought By E-learning to the Enterprises


The upsurge brought by e-learning has past for some time. When we enter the future that we once expected, we can live with the technology of "click and reach". We have successfully avoided many obstacles in the workflow. Fot the best elearning solution, it is also good news.

The two-eight rule
You must know that 20% of the enterprise labor force has created 80% of the enterprise income. 80% is a large number. The creation of knowledge-based corporate culture is essential to nurture the development of these 20% labor forces and to assist employees with high work efficiency to develop their skills.

Saving time
The survey shows that trainings based on e-learning technology can save 45% of the time based on classroom instruction because it supports self-regulation of learning progress and individual schedules. Imagining that your employees in the course of taking a bus to work, or waiting see a doctor, can get a way of training and be attracted by some interesting training programs, such as some very funny story scenes. Active and motivated employees hope to complete the work as soon as possible and put the new knowledge into practice. E-learning technology can reduce the time occupied by training in work. If employees have on spare time to be trained during working hours, they can still make up for it making use of online meetings and discussions and cooperative exercises.

Saving expenses
By comparing with online courses, how can you save the cost of taking part in training programs in a classroom instruction? It is envisaged that this training program will take place in London and provide e-learning opportunity as well. E-learning has proved to be a cost-effective training and learning technology. Those who have different branches and a large number of training audiences in the same company must consider using e-learning. 

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