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LMS Learning Management System - From Training to Learning

The focus of the online lms learning management system is learning. Lms emphasizes learning autonomy. To make good use of the online learning system, you must apply it properly. Training is mainly an organizational training. The competent department of enterprise education and training shall make overall planning and correctly handle the relationship between training and learning.

1. Start with the enterprise learning model

Lms learning management system and on-site training are common learning methods. Enterprises should build a good learning model, harmonious coexistence and complementary advantages are principles. The learning model is generally divided into formal learning and informal learning. The main online learning modes used by enterprises include fast learning, mixed learning, leading learning and independent learning, and interactive learning. The characteristics are reflected in the combination of organizational learning and independent learning. The combination of learning and on-site training, interactive learning and knowledge management. It is characterized by the combination of organizational learning and independent learning, the combination of online learning and on-site training, and the combination of interactive learning and knowledge management. In order to truly realize its value in an organization, an online learning system needs to start from two aspects, starting with a learning solution and focusing on formal learning. In terms of knowledge management, informal learning is taken into account.

2. Become an enterprise knowledge center

What does the online learning management system rely on to attract students? Content is definitely a factor to consider, especially for professional courses in business. Information can be shared when I have what you don't have, which best reflects the system’s value. If you can find training courses for all positions of the company on the online learning system platform, you can find relevant learning materials. What other reasons do you refuse to use it?

Knowledge management belongs to the level of learning strategy, perhaps a bit high. Anyway, let's start with the online learning system. Gradually improve the classified and graded job training course system. First consider enriching its content, then subdividing the types, planning the learning path, and gradually forming a corporate learning map; Put all the learning materials into it, handouts, documents, manuals, etc. We all need them.

3. Become a corporate learning platform

Learning is as same as a language which requires an environment. The online learning management system also needs an atmosphere. Informal learning is worth promoting. Enterprises should give policy guidance and mechanism incentives, and strive to cultivate employee learning culture. E-Learning emphasizes interaction. Interactive learning can bring students closer to each other, so the students are no longer lonely, and students are willing to guide others and contribute knowledge, thus forming a learning adaptive system within the enterprise. In addition to encouraging employees to help each other, companies can consider providing proactive services to students, creating a “cloud learning service platform” and forming a learning situation of “seeking E-Learning when there is a problem”.

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