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New Training Mode: Mobile Learning Platform


With the rapid development of Internet technology, many large companies have adopted the training mode of mobile learning platform for staff training. Compared with traditional teaching methods, e-learning is more flexible in teaching time and lower in teaching cost. The teaching mode of mobile learning platform will speed up the popularization of education and make the limited educational resources be fully utilized.

mobile learning platform

In addition to conventional teaching contents, the traditional school education often fails to provide more educational contents. It is a feasible choice for students who need to expand their field of vision to learn another subject or even the courses of another school in the way of mobile learning platform. Now some famous universities in the world, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and other well-known institutions, have opened open teaching course, that is, to record the classroom teaching of some courses of these universities into videos and put them on the Internet for people to learn, which enables many people to get the education of prestigious universities from the Internet without going out of their homes, allows those who do not have the opportunity to enter these famous institutions to have the opportunity to listen to the lectures of famous professors and provides a good information source for self-learners.

At present, the online opening courses are not systematic enough, and the contents of these courses are not abundant enough, which makes people stop after getting a little knowledge of a subject. Systematically learning a professional content requires a huge curriculum database, this curriculum database should allow people to easily design and select their favorite courses. Besides, the contents of the courses should not be limited to the university education, courses of middle schools and primary schools can also be taught online. As for answering questions, it can be achieved in the form of online forums. If transplanting this mode into the field of mobile learning platform, that is, using the scattered online resources to form a "cloud learning" environment, it will undoubtedly play a great role in popularizing education and improving the scientific literacy of the people.

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