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Popularity of Enterprise Mobile Learning


With the explosion of knowledge and the intensification of social competition, people need to learn and update information anytime and anywhere. With the increasing mobility in all aspects of learning and life, enterprises need to adapt themselves to this series of changes.

In the field of enterprise training, the introduction of information technology leads to the reform of the enterprise training model. The original staff training totally based on face-to-face training has evolved into a pattern of coexistence between the face-to-face training and online learning. However, with the increasingly higher requirements of enterprise production, management, and the analysis of the business data for the staff, the staff training system based on E-learning has been unable to meet the deep-seated requirements of enterprise development. Hence, the cry for M-learning has raised in the enterprises. Enterprise mobile learning, that is, the remote learning mode developed, on the basis of life-long learning guiding ideology of employees, with the assistance of modern mobile communication terminals such as Pad, smartphone, etc. Compared to the original E-learning model, M-learning has been improved in the aspects of digitalization, networking, media, and intelligence, the learners will not be restricted by the computer (desktop, laptop) and network lines, and can study anytime and anywhere.

Enterprise mobile learning

As a new way of learning, M-learning is a combination of network technology, mobile communication technology, and education. It has the characteristics of mobility, efficiency, universality, intelligent interaction and learning resource shareability, and is able to meet the personalized learning needs of the learners. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the construction of the Mobile-learning, that is, to build the training and learning system of the enterprise in the mobile mode, so as to meet the real-time and pertinence of the staff learning.

E-learning, as the main mode of Internet training, moves the content and scene of the classroom training to the Internet, the employees can learn online through computer after class. The network college does not need the centralized training of the staff, the employees just need to visit the E-learning website through the nearest computer, which adapts to the dispersion of the enterprise structure.

The staff is very busy, but the network college is time-consuming and inefficient. With the development of the company's business, the daily workload of the employees is getting more and more heavier. The enterprise mobile learning model provides a good learning resource for the employees from the company's point of view.

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