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Predictions for the future of E Learning Mobile


 learning mobile

1. HTML5 course will be popular

Although the traditional APP method has brought great enrichment to learning, more and more users will not install APPs as time goes by. So HTML5 courses with excellent animation effects, small files, and easy to spread will emerge and become mainstream.

2. The course is shorter and better

The computer version of the course design follows the original classroom teaching, and the length of time is between 30-40 minutes. But this is not in line with the rules of mobile Internet learning, e learning mobile course design should be redesigned with short and precise ideas.

3. The fun will be enhanced

Traditional online courses are often boring, greatly reducing the user experience. In order to attract users, e learning mobile needs to make learning more interesting, so as to attract users to learn and spread.

4. More social

Compared with traditional learning, e-learning mobile is more social. For example, users can find friends they are interested in through learning software, making learning more social.

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