Uplearn Group sdn.Bhd

What is the Public Cloud Bebox Implementation Services Included?

- Provide project management service
- Provide system configuration service
- Provide login page image update for PC only
- Provide company logo & system banner update for both PC and mobile app (Mobile Login Page Excluded)
- No system enhancement service will be provided
- No single sign-on & system integration services are provided
- A dedicated URL with client subdomain is provided
- A fixed prefix is assigned for each user ID, course code, & group code
- Users are advised to provide email address for course notification purpose
- Password reset can be done by the user for providing their own personal email address
- A password reset URL will be sent through the email automatically
- Provide offsite support service
- Documentations:
  a. User manual for Training Administrator (TA) Role
  b.Training Administrator (TA) Role Test Case

Please Contact Bebox for more details

  • TEL:+6012 3735500
  • EMAIL:contact@bebox.im
  • ADDRESS:Wisma Selangor Dredging, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia