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Rapidly Evolving Mobile Learning Will Impact Traditional Learning


Mobile learning has passed the initial stage and is rapidly evolving. The development speed of different sub-divisions is different. For example, in the fields of English and vocational training, the popularity of mobile learning is very high. In the field of primary and secondary schools, functions such as word-taking and photo-searching are warmly welcomed. At the same time, the rapid development of e learning mobile has also brought a lot of impacts and influences to traditional learning, They are summarized in the following aspects:

1. Mobile learning is more intelligent and user-friendly

Unlike PC-based network learning, mobile devices have the ability to receive and push information at any time, making e learning mobile more intelligent and user-friendly. For example, when the user's question is answered, in the traditional network environment, after the user closes the browser, it is difficult to get a response. However, in the mobile learning environment, even if the user quits the learning software, the text message of the answer can be received, so that the interactive characteristics of the learning are fully manifested.

2. Miniaturization of mobile learning makes learning more efficient

E-learning mobile is by no means a simple migration of online learning platforms and courses. It is a miniaturized learning that is more in line with the learning needs of mobile. The form of mobile learning courses is often more lively, short and precise, shortening the learning time of users, improving the efficiency of knowledge transfer, and greatly improving the learning effect.

3. The combination of mobile learning and other methods has become an inevitable trend

Now, a large number of applications such as browsing the web, shopping, and learning can be completed on the mobile terminal, and the mobile terminal also has advantages that are incomparable to PCs such as location services and sensors. In recent years, the proportion of mobile applications has increased rapidly. In 2014, in some sub-areas, mobile terminal learning has even surpassed PC learning. The organic combination of e learning mobile and other learning methods will become an inevitable trend. For example, book products and mobile learning can be integrated to form a "book + mobile terminal" mode, providing users with more learning experiences.

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