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Seeking The Breakthrough Point On Application Of E-Learning In The Problem


Technically speaking, e-learning is only a software information system with various sets of functions, which is not the main role in the process of solving the talent development. However, the addition and perfection of function should depend on the demand of application rather than the worship of technology.

As a customer, most important of all, is to figure out the training problem of "what does the enterprise want to solve in this way" when considering using e-learning as a solution for training. We advise customers to list the problems that exist in enterprise training before consulting the suppliers, and to use this as an outline of the issues to be consulted with the suppliers. E-learning can not solve all the problems of talent development and training, especially soft issues such as corporate culture, the atmosphere of learning, and management basics.

Secondly, the existing curriculum resources are sorted and classified from the content. No matter which supplier is chosen as a partner, electronic learning resources are undoubtedly necessary and critical.

Finally, it is the choice of platform. In fact, the choice of platform and the inspection of function are not the core of the implementation of e-learning. From a functional perspective, the interface and system architecture have their own style and characteristics. However, for the software platform provided by domestic suppliers, there are only slight differences on the main functions. These platforms can meet the requirements of most of training and learning management. Of course, personalized demand involves the issues of secondary development. From the practical application, we need to focus on the performance of system in statistical analysis, convenience, interactivity and friendliness. In this process, the supplier's ability to service and sustainable development should be paid much attention to.

If the enterprise has the higher goal, hoping to solve the problem of talent development and management through e-learning, then, the foreign supplier has the rich experience. Of course, although the interface and function menus have been sinicized in the version for the Chinese users, this does not mean that the logic and architecture of the system itself are also sinicized. Foreign suppliers are still faced with the test of localization. High prices and a large number of continuously suitable development work are usually the main obstacle to the success of e-learning project.

As an online learning vendor, you need to be prepared for more. After experiencing a supplier-led period, when the development of the industry relies on technology and content, the increasing maturity and endogenous demand of customer have become the main power to promote industrial development, which is a gratifying situation.

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