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Seeking The Gap Between Talent Development And Technology In E-Learning


E-learning's industry originates from the combination of information systems and Internet technology. Technology played a leading role in this field at first. The new technology is dazzling, but the only regret is the extremely weak customer base, which makes customers lose the understanding of technology applications. It is fatal that the speed at which technology has developed far exceeds the speed at which customers grow.

E-learning has gone through a long course abroad. At first it was an application on the basis of saving cost. Now it is used in the enterprise's overall talent development management to enhance the enterprise's core competitiveness. But at home, the weak foundation of talent development management and the confusing idea seriously dislocate with the advanced technology because the advanced information technology can not solve the problem of management foundation.

Therefore, only to bridge the gap between the concept of talent development and the application of information technology, can e-learning be successfully implemented within the enterprise.  Different platforms come with various e learning portal features.

First of all, for enterprises, training is no longer the welfare for employees, but the necessary investment for talent development. Welfare is dispensable, meaning a reward, while investment is something necessary. Although there is a desire for rewards behind the investment, it is a long and complex process for human resource development, in which business managers have to be patient enough.

Secondly, the awkward position of Human Resources Department and Training Department in the process of talent development should be gradually reversed. Human resources practitioners are facing the embarrassment that top executives set high expectations for the Human Resources Department, expecting it to be able to shoulder the task of talent development. However, in fact, for most of domestic Human Resources Departments, such expectations are undoubtedly an imposition. And the leader of Business Division is the real protagonist in the process of enterprise's talent development.

Finally, talent development has richer connotation, including the training and development of human resources, the coordination of organization development goal and personal development, the career planning of staff or even the performance and compensation of the individual.

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