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Seven Reasons For Enterprise Managers To Pay Attention To Mobile Learning


For enterprise managers, they need to solve a large number of projects and problems. The right decision often needs to go through a lot of meetings and countless discussions. Why is e learning mobile learning still very worthy for enterprise managers highly concerned under such a heavy work pressure?

Firstly, how does the integration of mobile learning affect corporate culture?

Mobile learning integrates the awareness of innovation and enterprise into the corporate culture

Mobile learning will build a culture of enterprise's free expression, which will break the threshold of the traditional enterprise from the grassroots level. A business is a social circle in which the staffs can communicate freely. Leaderships allow the employees express freely instead of suppressing the feelings of them.

Mobile learning is based on real-world scene

There are two forms of traditional learning: lectured by training teachers and e-learning by the computer. In fact, these two ways of learning can be replaced by on-the-job learning. Whether in training classrooms or before computers, managers must create a virtual learning scene in order to facilitate the digestion, absorption, consolidation and application of students. However, on-the-job learning occurs whenever it needs, which based on real-world learning without the learning scene created artificially.

Mobile learning can save training costs

Only the cost of development needs to be considered in online mobile learning. It is particularly worth noting that the cost of developing mobile learning rarely exceeds the cost of traditional training. In some cases, the cost of mobile learning will be much less.

The resources of mobile learning can be reused

The training materials are rarely used again by the general trainees after they have attended the training. In mobile learning, training materials can be reused in order that training becomes practical and more economical.

Mobile learning is adaptable and can respond quickly

After the launch of mobile learning, students will be able to see the information in time and receive a relevant reminder SMS as long as the information is updated timely. The phone can automatically download useful information when logging on to a mobile web page or local client that contains product information the next time.

It is the right hand of enterprise personnel, which can improve the enterprise knowledge base.

The characteristics of mobile learning include the mobility of learning form, the interactivity of learning content, the digitalization of implementation. Mobile learning has the advantage of possessing natural knowledge precipitation because of the characteristic of interactivity. Students can ask questions on the platform of mobile learning when they have difficulty in the process of work. And the students who know the answer will reply them. Knowledge precipitation is formed by the format of question and answer and improved on this basis.

It can improve the training effectiveness and organizational performance

Mobile learning emphasizes learner-centered. Learners learn with problems so that they can fully mobilize their learning enthusiasm and initiative. At the same time, learners can also communicate with other learners in the network in time through mobile communication equipment, so as to improve learners ' learning efficiency.

Mobile learning provides learners with the space and platform for self-learning. Each learner can tailor his or her own curriculum based on his or her habit, preference and demand. This is a personal secretary as well as a pocket school.

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