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Sources of Online Mobile Learning Contents


How to solve the problems in the practice of online mobile learning? Integrating it with the existing enterprise learning technology and methods is the key to manipulating online mobile learning freely. There are several key points.

online mobile learning

Top-down and bottom-up, professional and non-professional balance
How to get the contents of the online mobile learning platform? How can we ensure the quality of the micro classes and develop them into a living system evolving and developing by itself continuously? This is the biggest problem in the practice of online mobile learning.

In the initial stage of online mobile learning, it should mainly base on the top-down specialized production. The main sources of the micro classes are as follows.

1.The transformation of the original curriculum. Transform the original curriculum system, including the offline courses and E-Leaning courses, into 3-5 minute micro classes according to the requirements of mobile learning, we can adapt the form of animations, videos, graphics, games, etc. The selected courses are main courses of knowledge&information, system, processing, etc.

2.Case courses. These case courses are developed by special training departments. The business experts and training experts gather together to develop a case platform.

3.Executive courses and example lessons. The leaders of various departments develop courses for mid-level staff and teach them in person. Besides, enterprises can take the good working methods of the working activists into micro classes.

When the mobile platform has a considerable amount of high-quality contents, the enterprises can mobilize non-professionals to develop micro lessons from the bottom to up.

Fragmentation of systematization
Limited by the screen and usage situation of mobile terminals, online mobile learning is bound to follow the principle of fragmentation in content development. Systematized fragmentation breaks the whole knowledge system into pieces, thus the learners can not only find the answers directly but also know the causes and consequences.

Mobile learning and mixed learning
Many of our companies have explored mixed learning for years, such as the combination of traditional offline learning with e-learning, the combination of action learning and traditional classroom learning, and the application of flipping classes. However, the emergence of mobile learning enriches the way of mixed learning. The convenience, accessibility, and utilization of fragmented time of mobile learning make it a good complement to the traditional offline learning.

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