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The Basic Composition Of E-Learning


The successful implementation of e-learning by enterprises or organizations is mainly composed of four parts. First, demand and training management technology. Second, software technology platform. Third, knowledge resource. Forth, E-learning service. The more the 4 basic components match, the easier it is for enterprises or organizations to implement e-learning successfully.

Demand and training management technology

There are great differences between training needs and training management models in different types, different scales and different stages of development. Strictly speaking, there is no E-learning system that can meet the needs of different enterprises. It can be said that the different demands and management modes of training for enterprises are the precondition and basis for determining the different functional modules and knowledge combinations of E-learning. Therefore, there is no universal "best" e learning mobile learning system, only the "suitable" E-learning system for any organization and enterprise.

Therefore, the E-learning system also needs to follow this cycle to a certain extent. The common functional groups of the E-learning system include: training requirements confirmation group, training program group, E-learning and learning group, online examination group, statistics and overall assessment group. In addition, enterprises often need personalized courses, and courseware is needed to make groups. Some E-learning systems also increase timely communication groups. In short, what functions the E-learning system needs is determined by the training management needs of the enterprise.

Knowledge resources

Knowledge resources are the support of E-learning system, which determines what students can ultimately learn in the system. Knowledge resources can be a variety of courses, or books, cases and other knowledge carriers. The knowledge resources combination of an enterprise or organization E-learning system is based on the training needs of enterprises or organizations. Generally speaking, knowledge resources can be video files, audio files, multimedia files, ordinary WORD files or PPT files.

Software technology platform

The software technology platform is the carrier of knowledge resources and training management information of e-learning system. Its core is to realize the training and management needs of enterprises or organizations through information technology, such as supporting various courseware forms, high adaptability with the existing network of enterprises or organizations, supporting remote learning and other technologies. E-learning covers all staff, flexible learning and interactive communication to achieve a practical guarantee mechanism.

E-learning services

At present, building E-learning systems for organizations or enterprises, there are suppliers that specializes in providing software technology platforms, providers that specializes in providing courses and other content resources, and some of the E-learning vendors are transformed by the original multimedia or web production companies. In terms of form, the most profound cooperation is the E-Learning manufacturer's customized solution for users. E-Learning service providers need the market, and to occupy the market will have to meet the needs of customers. If the general demand can be solved by ready-made courseware, personalized needs will come up with personalized solutions.

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