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The Benefits Of Electronic Learning (E-Learning)


Technically speaking, e-learning can achieve most of the interactive functions of traditional teaching methods. E-learning, which costs less than the traditional way of teaching, does allow more people to learn and master the technical and soft skills of a fast-growing economic era with greater efficiency. No matter in what kind of organization, e-Learning will play a vital role in achieving a very high return on investment. E learning solutions software also benefits from this trend. The developing e-learning has a variety of advantages:

1. It is available at any time, any place, any person. The development of“World Wide Web”, the increase of enterprise network capacity and the accelerated desktop computers will enable people all over the world to study twenty four seven. Companies will be able to deliver training information or other critical information quickly and efficiently to any place in the world.

2. It can reduce the costs effectively by the elimination of space barriers. The biggest benefit for e-learning is the elimination of the cost and inconvenience of bringing teachers and students together. According to the experiment and statistics, replacing the instructor method with the content of electronic form can save 50-70% of the expense. E-learning also allows some courses to be broken down into short pieces and then divided into days or weeks for students to learn.

3. Students can get the latest information in time. Courses based on network centralization can help teachers to update their content at any time. And all the students will be able to access the latest and consistent information immediately after the update. Course information can also be accessed before any training needs, avoiding the problem that it can only be learned once in class and easily forgotten.

4. It can achieve a higher retention through personalized learning. E-Learning provides a greater space for the individualization of learning styles, and in fact it provides a mechanism to track learners' ability level. With the ability to access at any time, people can learn at their own pace and review what they have learned at any time.

5. It can improve learners' ability to collaborate and interact. Studies have shown that online learning enables students to have a further discussion and intervention. E-Learning can achieve a variety of interactive and collaborative environments by using teaching and communication technology. The learning effect is even better than the interaction effect in a traditional small classroom if the experts and students go into the same environment.

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