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The Definition of Cloudbased Mobile Learning

Cloudbased mobile learning, also known as m-learning, is a kind of educational system. Cloudbased mobile learning supports the constant access to learning process with the assistance of mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, etc., which means you can learn anywhere and anytime. It is clear that the emergence of mobile learning drives the change of the training system. Next, let's talk about the mobile learning in the field of enterprise training and the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning.

Mobile learning in Enterprise

More and more laptops or tablet computers are applied into enterprise training.
  • Providing mobile learning materials
It is the simplest form of mobile learning. Participants can provide or get text, video or audio form the Internet at any time. You can study by watching videos provided by trainers online. However, the interaction of this kind of learning form is relatively low, there is no interaction with trainers or other employees. Thus, to some extents, mobile learning is an asynchronous way of learning.
  • Interaction in courses
You can apply mobile devices into the course to create more interaction. For example, the employees are required to answer the questions with mobile devices after trainers ask questions, which could let trainers get the feedback immediately. This method is especially suitable for large group education.
  • Synchronous learning
With synchronous learning, you can get instant feedback from your trainers. You can get direct feedback while lying in the bed. Besides, trainers can interact with employees during lectures.

Pros of Cloudbased mobile learning

No matter when and where, You can lie in bed while watching a speech.
  • Motivation
Mobile learning is popular with children, and it actually motivates them to learn with their tablets or other mobile devices,
  • More learning content
Apart from text, video and audio are also the learning contents of mobile learning, which make learning more vivid.
  • Telelearning
Although two persons are tens of thousands of miles apart, they still can work together. This is one of the primary benefits of mobile learning.

Cons of Cloudbased mobile learning

  • Distraction
Mobile devices are very likely to distract the concentration of the participants. Children prefer to playing mobile games rather than study with the tablet computers. As a trainers, you can not always put an eye on them.
  • Power endurance
All these mobile devices must have enough outlets, let alone the cables. This may be a problem for the first few years but must can be solved in the future.

Mobile learning and Bebox

Our LMS is sure to carry out mobile learning. You can motivate employees to learn things through mobile devices. Ask them questions in the form of a small quiz during the lecture, mobile learning could let your lecture more effective and vivid.

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