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The Design of Mobile Learning Resources Should Follow Three Principles


Mobile learning resources refers to the various information resources that support the mobile learning, which is an important part of the mobile learning system. It is a tool for teachers to organize teaching and a way for learners to obtain information. Mobile learning resources must meet the conditions of mobile learning so as to play its most effective role.

The principles of the design and construction of mobile learning resources are as follows:

1. Adaptability of the carrier content terminal

In the mobile learning environment, there are many types of content terminal, and the possibility of users to use various mobile devices is also greatly increased. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the design of learning resources suitable for various mobile devices. It requires to meet the time pattern of fragmentation, realize the cognitive requirements of visualization, and meet the needs of multi-terminal and cross-platform technology.

Therefore, in the design of mobile learning resources, we have to consider several factors such as: people, equipment, situation and so on, and optimize the matching and continuity of learning resources on equipment.

2.Matching of content structure

One of the biggest differences between mobile learning resources and common learning resources is content structure. Employees often use the fragmented time after work to study so that their attention is not as concentrated as ordinary learning. The design of resource content should replace a large number of learning contents with fragmented resources based on this characteristic.

Of course, the content fragmentation is not the arbitrary cutting and differentiation of the content, but the teaching designers take the independent meta knowledge point as the core, and divide the mobile learning resources into a segment. The content should be simple and concise, and form a close knowledge system.

3.Open content

Mobile learning resources are becoming more and more open. Students can not only share but also edit learning resources. In mobile learning environment, we are required to rely on collective wisdom to develop resources together in order to make qualitative changes in learning resources.

In a word, mobile learning resource design is the core of mobile learning so that we are bound to further study the content category, the technology, the presentation form and the user experience in the design of mobile learning resources in the future.

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