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The Difference Between E-Learning And Traditional Training



Traditional training is highly restricted. Time and space are limited, and everyone must learn and train at the same time in the same place. In addition, because each person has different foundation, teachers can only teach at the level of most people and can not aim at everyone.

E learning mobile learning completely breaks these restrictions. As long as there are computers that can access the Internet, we can learn anytime and anywhere. It meets the needs of decentralized learning. Moreover, each student can selectively learn and decide the speed of learning according to his own needs to achieve personalized learning. In this way, people's learning time is greatly shortened. According to the relevant speculation, almost 40-60% time can be saved.


Extensive adaptability is a great advantage of traditional training. As long as we find the right teacher, arrange the right place and time and prepare the right facilities, almost all the content can be taught. After thousands of years of development, people have found many face-to-face skills, which can help teachers carry out teaching.

In view of the current level of technology and the ability of students, the effect of E-learning on the initiation of education/training and deep discussion is worse than that of face-to-face education. With the enhancement of students' learning ability and the development of interactive technology, this constraint is getting smaller and smaller.

Knowledge Management

Traditional training is a way for teachers to take disciples, and it is hard to keep thinking in study. It has been said, but almost all of them are lost or just exist in the brain of a particular person in a few days. There is no accumulation of knowledge about enterprise, let alone management.

As we all know, now is the era of knowledge economy, the way the master with apprentice is not only slow in transmission of knowledge, but also difficult to inherit continuously, which have weakened the competitiveness of the enterprise. Forming a learning community, everyone can share their thoughts and changes with partners, thus forming a good knowledge management approach and platform.Therefore, we need to record employees' thinking in the process of learning and employees' changing after learning.

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