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The Overview Of E-Learning


The Internet is changing our work, life, entertainment and learning rapidly. In just one or two years, the development of the network industry has deeply influenced people's life from all aspects. Throughout the world, the Internet is rapidly changing the tradition with its limitless capacity, broad coverage, features of interaction and customization. The e learning solutions software is also widely used in many companies.

There is no exception for education and learning. Although the form of education has been extended from the traditional stage schooling to enterprise's on-the-job training and lifelong education, learning needs nowadays have reached to an unprecedented level. However, all forms of education fail to catch up with the changes in learning needs in time for the rapid updating of social knowledge and abilities. An engineering graduate will soon find that the specialized courses that he studied a few years ago have been unable to adapt to the new requirements of work. A senior manager who does not learn new economic rules systematically tends to make blind decisions in the competition that determines the fate of the company. If the primary and secondary school students simply repeat the knowledge of textbooks in the classroom, they can not meet the requirements of personal growth and future competition.

In the traditional way of education, to adapt to such fast-growing learning needs, it is necessary to increase the input in teachers, the cost of training and the educational environment (such as school buildings, location of training, etc.). These scarce resources will almost never be solved, so a new way of education must be sought.

The development of the network brings about this kind of opportunity, the progress of network technology and the characteristic of medial bring a new carrier for learning. The concept of standardized e-learning (electronic learning) is becoming the new thing that seriously took by global enterprises, educational institutions and governmental organizations. The global trend and commercialization of e-learning will become an important educational change in the 21st century.

A description of e-learning is provided in this paper. And in the future in-depth discussion of e-learning, we will gradually display the influence of e-learning in multi-dimensional space such as business, technology and society. Features of online learning is also various on the internet.

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