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The Perfection of Mobile Learning Platform

Content and development model need to be improved

In this survey, an average of 71% of mobile learning content is self-developed. Although no one knows more about their strengths and learning needs than the enterprise itself, working with professional consultants on a technical level may make training programs more effective. It is very challenging to create and maintain a huge and complex mobile learning platform. As the enterprise grows, the training content and platform functions will be expanded.

In addition, the survey shows that most companies do not consider the characteristics of the platform when launching mobile learning content, so they simply put all the information on it without any revise. According to statistics, the average length of time a mobile platform spends on the learning video is 9.5 minutes ---it is not unbearable, but perhaps not every learner can watch it from the start to the end on a mobile screen.

The same problem occurs with performance support materials (12.3 minutes on average) and games (18.1 minutes on average). Enterprises should understand that mobile phones are different from desktops or laptops after all, and should make good use of the advantages of mobile phones to develop targeted training content. For people who use mobile devices, light, thin, short and small content is more effective.

Choose suitable equipment
Today, it seems that everyone has at least one (or more) smart mobile device. Is BYOD (that is Bring Your Own Device) good for mobile learning, or is it good for companies to distribute devices?

According to the statistics, 77% of companies still distribute standard mobile devices to at least some employees, with Apple as the most popular brand. The benefits of standardizing platforms and ensuring data security need not be overstated by the company's unified distribution of equipment, but attention should also be paid to the growing BYOD culture.

If your company decides to purchase equipment in a unified fashion, be aware of whether the primary users are the manager or other employees, so that we can purchase the right equipment. In addition, while the iPhone and iPad have unparalleled advantages in terms of security and platform uniformity, it should be noted that the Android camp has a growing market share on mobile platforms.

Android already accounts for 81% of the global smartphone market, compared with 13% for Apple, according to the third quarter of 2013. This means that in mobile learning, the user experience of Android users have to be considered.

Keep up with the momentum and enter the market boldly.
According to the survey results, we believe that if your company has not started mobile learning, it is now high time to start. While other companies are still testing, high-performance companies are not only driving into mobile learning, but also exploring new possibilities.

Think carefully about the training you want to put on mobile platforms, not just mobile browsers, for mobile devices can do more than that. So, if you haven't worked out a mobile learning strategy, where should you start?

Start with simple content
Nothing is perfect in the beginning. We need time to experiment and explore the most suitable mobile learning mode. First, we can make preliminary tentative plans and then expand them. Remember, the content of the mobile platform should be as short, small and fast as possible, such as short video, short content, small games, fast updates, etc.

Video and performance support systems have proven to be the most effective mobile learning content, and also the easiest to break down into small modules, which are suitable for mobile platforms. So we can choose to start here.

"Mobile" priority
Currently, technologies such as curriculum modules or virtual classrooms are not so effective on mobile platforms. Do not simply want to move the traditional training to the mobile platform. After all, screen size, bandwidth and battery capacity still restrict mobile devices. According to the advantages and disadvantages of mobile devices, you should develop content that truly conforms to the characteristics of mobile platforms.

Don't be limited to mobile browser.
It's a tempting idea to log into the company's e-Learning system directly through a mobile browser, after all, it seem that nothing need to be changed but the device. However, because of the innate difference between mobile phones and desktop / laptop computers, this practice is really doomed to be in vain. Mobile phones have their own characteristics and advantages. Mobile learning should make good use of these advantages.

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